Debris Netting for Scaffold Safety, Wind Breaking and Shading

Scaffold is very important devices in constructions requiring safety protection for both its workers and the people around the scoffold. Scaffold debris netting can be knit polyester, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC-coated polyester, or knitted polyethylene fabrics. Also known as Scaffolding Net, Debris Scaffold Netting, Scaffold Safety Netting.

Debris scaffold netting is foldable, air flowing, shading, low cost and has a wide application in construction, bird control and agriculture netting uses. Available in green, black or other colors. Rolls sizes in 1.2m x 50m, 2m x 50m, 3m x 50m.


Scaffold Debris Netting, HDPE Fabric, 75gsm, in White Color

HDPE mesh debris scaffold safety netting

Scaffolding debris mesh nets, in rolls 3x50m.
Fabric Type – HDPE mono filament
Color: White color
Fabric weight – 75 g/m²
Tensile strength – 245 N/5cm
Tear resistance – 50 N
Temperature resistance – -40/+80 °C
Wind-force coefficient Parallel – Cfy 0,17
Finished size, +/- 2%
Finishing – with knitted buttonholes
Buttonholes – 5 cm interval
Tear resistance buttonholes – 180 N


Scaffolding Net, Heavy Duty, UV Protected, Green

Building Scaffold Safety Net Fencing Fabrics: Heavy duty scaffold debris netting, with UV protection, exported to Trinidad, in 1.2m x 50m rolls, with metal eyes lids.

Using for :

Mainly used to cover building under contruction or re-construction, also used as sport fencing, temporary fencing, feed lots, chincken farms,public areas etc.


Scaffolding Safety Debris Netting, Flame Retardant, High density knitted, Orange Color

Purpose: Floor to ceiling scaffold fencing guardrail, barricade
Fabric material: High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting, UV treated and protected
Roll size: 5 ft 6 inch x 150 ft
Mesh: hole 1/4 inch
Color: Orange
Flammability: Flame retardant
Edges include reinforced borders for fastening
Tear resistant mesh netting;
No unravel when cut;
Mesh design allows air to pass through;
Remains flexible in cold weather climates


Function: To prevent people or objects falling and to avoide or reduce falls and physical attack damage. Guarding screen barrier for workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.

Scaffolding Safety Net Barrier System

Scaffolding safety net barrier system is composed with primary netting fabric, liners, rings, selvage rope, reinforcing rope and tying ropes.


Material:Polyethylene (HDPE)
Length: 1m-300m as per requirement
Width: 1m-6m as per requirement, Max.6M
Color: Green,Black, White, Red or as per requirement
Weight: 15g-300g/square meters or as per requirement
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle
Easy to install, economic and secure solution
Treated with UV: Ensure the nets keep long lifespan
Packing: roll or bundle

PE Debris Scaffold Netting

PE Scaffold Safety Net
Size: 1.8x50M, 2x50M, 2.1x30M, 3x50M,3.66x50M and so on
Color:Green,Blue, White, Gray,Red and so on.

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