HDPE Knitted Construction Safety Scaffolding Net Barriers for Fall Protection

HDPE debris netting knitted mesh is a kind of building safety fall protection netting used for scaffolding enclosures, wind screen or shading screens. Made from HDPE with UV treatment, the scaffolding safety baConstruction Safety Scaffolding Net Barriersrrier nets are highly tear resistant. The knitted high density polyethylene mesh are fabricated in the ways that doesn't slip or deform easily,more secure than normal net. Debris Fall Protection Net is treated to resist corrosion and acid rain damage, it is fire retardant, safe for welding operation during construction.

Major Applications:

  • Fall protection safety net for construction
  • Knotless safety nets for building under construction
  • Debris Fall Protection Nets
  • Winding Net
  • Shading Screen

The knit High mesh density allows scaffolding safety net to prevent falling construction tools or materials, make sure the safety of construction workers and pedestrian.

Good air permeability allow enough daylight for construction site, scaffolding net can also maintain the cleaning of the building.

Every 50cm there is a eyelet on the egde of safety net,it can be tie to the scaffolding toeboard. It is necessary to use scaffolding net to circle the building when the height is more 4meter.

Scaffolding Netting Enclosures weight:60g/m2--300g/m2
Net width: 1.5m,1.6m,1.8m,2m, maximum 5m,1m, 2m, 4m or by requirements.
Rolls lengths:10m, 50m, 100m or 50-200m rolls or 5m,6m sheets by requirements.
Shade rate:30%-95%
Colours:Green, blue, orange,black,also could be customized.customizable.
Material:100% new material (HDPE ),HDPE,PE,PP.
Density: 50-300gram weight per square meters.



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