Construction Safety Scaffolding Net Barriers for Fall Protection - PE and Metal Mesh

Two types of fall protection net barrier: One is traditional plastic /pe material, the other is perforated metal panels. We also supply fireproof mesh sheets, fine mesh safety vertical net, sunshade netting for the construction of Scaffold Safety Enclosure system.

Scaffolding Protective Metal Sheet Barriers - Frame Support Perforated Metal Mesh Panels

Perforated mesh sheet offers neat, durable and flat barrier for scaffold protection, the metal panels are also used as windbreaking mesh and shading screen in practical uses.

Material: Metal steel
Finish: Anti rust and corrosion resisted galvanized and powder sprayed
Color: Blue, green, yellow, red, custom
Sheet size: 1.2x1.8m, 1x2m, 2mx2m, or custom sizes
Hole: Round perforation
Benefits: Easy to install, firm and durable, groove design, rust resisting, corrosion resisting

Scaffolding Protection Mesh Panels are ideal substitute products of traditional plastic scaffold netting solutions and they have following features:

Fire retardant,
Moisture proof,
Crash resisting,
Wind breaking,
Corrosion resisting,
High strength,
Light weight net,
Heat insulation and ventilation,
Dust prevention,
Sound insulation and noise reduction,


Setting up the metal mesh protective enclosure:
The erection process includes ordinary cantilevered frame, main pole foundation, vertical pole spacing, horizontal pole setting, bracing, panel laying, protective railings, panel connecting, and enclosure within the frame.

Installation of Scaffold Protection Metal Mesh


Precautions for the use of protective railings:

(1) The outer side of the scaffold should be covered with a dense-mesh safety net certified by the competent construction authority, and the protective net should be fixed on the inner side of the outer pole of the scaffold.

(2) The lead for safety net shall be strong and smooth.

(3) Protective railing of 1.2 m high and a 30cm high kick pole must be installed outside the scaffolding. There should be no less than two protective railings on the top of the scaffold, the heights of the protective railings are 0.9m and 1.3m respectively.

(4) When the scaffolds are adjacent to each other, 1.2 m high protective railings and 30cm high kick bars should be arranged inside the scaffolds.


Wind Breaking Scaffold Safety Mesh Panels

The protective net made of perforated metal plates is installed on the surface of the guarding railings, for the fall protection of construction workers during work.

This net screen is different from the plastic safety net used on traditional scaffolding. It is made of sheet metal punched with punching machinery and added with a special shaped steel frame. The structure is strong and well ventilated, and it is fireproof and anti-falling.

Galvanized steel, polished and painted metal mesh panels for building perimeter scaffold safety protection

Common panel specification is 1m high * 2m wide
Full welding process and assembly line ensure quality paint, bright color, no fading for 5 years.
The metal fencing panels are strong and durable, have a neat and beautiful outlook. Designed with simple structure, it is convenient for installation and use,and can be disassembled and reused for the construction sites.


HDPE Knitted Construction Safety Scaffolding Net Barriers for Fall Protection

HDPE debris netting knitted mesh is a kind of building safety fall protection netting used for scaffolding enclosures, wind screen or shading screens. Made from HDPE with UV treatment, the scaffolding safety baConstruction Safety Scaffolding Net Barriersrrier nets are highly tear resistant. The knitted high density polyethylene mesh are fabricated in the ways that doesn't slip or deform easily,more secure than normal net. Debris Fall Protection Net is treated to resist corrosion and acid rain damage, it is fire retardant, safe for welding operation during construction.

Major Applications:

  • Fall protection safety net for construction
  • Knotless safety nets for building under construction
  • Debris Fall Protection Nets
  • Winding Net
  • Shading Screen

The knit High mesh density allows scaffolding safety net to prevent falling construction tools or materials, make sure the safety of construction workers and pedestrian.

Good air permeability allow enough daylight for construction site, scaffolding net can also maintain the cleaning of the building.

Every 50cm there is a eyelet on the egde of safety net,it can be tie to the scaffolding toeboard. It is necessary to use scaffolding net to circle the building when the height is more 4meter.

Scaffolding Netting Enclosures weight:60g/m2--300g/m2
Net width: 1.5m,1.6m,1.8m,2m, maximum 5m,1m, 2m, 4m or by requirements.
Rolls lengths:10m, 50m, 100m or 50-200m rolls or 5m,6m sheets by requirements.
Shade rate:30%-95%
Colours:Green, blue, orange,black,also could be customized.customizable.
Material:100% new material (HDPE ),HDPE,PE,PP.
Density: 50-300gram weight per square meters.

Other forms of plastic neting for safety uses:





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