Knitted Debris Netting for Horizontal Construction Safety with a High Dense Opening of Maximum 2000 Mesh per 100 square Centimeter and Great Strength

Fine Mesh Debris Safety Netting with its installation surface not perpedicular to the horizontal plane is called horizontal netting or flat netting. It is a durable mesh fabric designed to prevent people and objects falling, or to avoid and reduce physical injury of such fallings. Horizontal safety netting is mainly used to catch falling persons and objects in construction of buildings. This heavy type debris netting is knitted in a strong high density polyethylene (HDPE) or a flexible polypropylene (PP). Debris Safety Net can include both horizontal scaffolding sun/wind blocking netting and vertical debris netting to create a barrier system for the construction site safety and for improved productivity with less cleaning up time. 3, 6 and 9 Needle Knitted types available. Fine Mesh Debris Netting, supplied with eyelets on all sides for fastening to structure.

High Density Polyethylene Mesh Debris Fabric Installed for Horizontal Plane Construction Safety:

Debris netting used as Horizontal Safety Net has a fine high dense opening of maximum 2000 mesh per 100 square centimeter while common vertical safety netting (max. 800 opening per 100 square centimeter). The high density mesh allows it to prevent articles with bottom area under 100 square centimeter and offers better safety features.
Secondly, horizontal netting is knitted with very special method, with firm knots, uniform openings and sizes. It is firm, tough, durable and economic.
Thirdly, this products offers good air permeability, can be closed for working and keep the constructional site nice and clean.
Fourthly, The durable HDPE or chemical fiber materials are fire retardant.


HDPE Fine Mesh Debris Safety Netting, 3 Needles

In rolls of 6m x 25m
Structure: 3 needles knit
HDPE mesh debris safety netting


Horizontal Construction Scaffolding Debris Net, 6 Needles

Structuer: 6 Needle Knitting
Fabric: HDPE
Purpose: Horizontal Construction Net For Building Safety

Used in construction and installation of works high above ground, power station, ship, water construction and various working sites.

9 Needles Mesh Netting

Fire Proof Nylon Debris Netting for Horizontal Safety Guarding Barrier

Green Color Knitted Plastic Wire Mesh Safety Fencing to Prevent the Construction Materials to Fall Down From Higher Places to Hurt the Workers in Lower Places

Features: Heavy knitted debris mesh netting offers high strength, good elasticity, easy installation, non-pollution. It is environmental-friendly, soft, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, worm resistant, cold resistant, etc.

High Density Mesh Nets for Falling Debris Safety Projects

In use for construction sites:


Mesh Fabric Specifications:

Item No. XH-SNN-01 XH-SNN-02 XH-SNN-03 XH-SNN-04
Product specifications 3 NEEDLES 70GSM 75GMS 78SGM 90GSM
Material HDPE(high-density polyethylene)
model name fireproof light weight safety nets
width 1m-6m
length 25m, 45. 75m, 50m, 100m
color White, green. blue  black and so on
shade rate 35%-95%
type warp knitted
useful life 2-8 years
UV 1%-5%
MOQ 30000square meter
packing one roll one plastic bag
package 20ft: 3.8t - 4.2 t
Certificate ISO9001  REACH  EO
roll diameter 15CM-38CM
market Japan, North American, Europe, Austrilia

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