Fire Retardant Debris Net, Warp Knitted HDPE Fabric Used as Scaffolding Enclosure & Debris Protection Barrier

Debris net, used for construction safety netting, is manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments treated with excellent flame retarding property.

Comparing Debris Netting Used for Horizontal Safety and Vertical Safety in Construction:

In the construction of buildings, horizontal safety netting is installed around the building site to form a circle, in order to prevent the construction materials or workers to fall down from higher places. When used as horizontal safety netting, the debris netting is installed at an angle of Non-Perpedicular to Horizontal Plane. Popular mesh materials applied are Heavy Type HDPE Knitted Fine Mesh Fabrics with excellent strength.

Horizontal Safety Debris Netting is mainly designed to prevent the people or articles from falling down, or to avoid possible harms caused by falling articles and to protect the workers in high places and the passing pedestrians, also to keep the construction site safe and clean.

Safety Debris Netting for Vertical Construction in Projects:

Debris netting used as vertical safety netting can be light type or medium type debris netting. Mainly used to prevent falling from scaffolding. The netting is installed at 90 angle degree against the horizontal line. Technical requirements for vetical safety netting is not so strict compared with horizontal ones.


Length:25m, 45. 75m, 50m, 100m
Color:White, green. blue black and so on
Shade rate:35%-95%
Weaving type:warp knitted

HDPE knitted Fire Retardant Scaffold Debris Netting


HDPE polyethylene scaffolding construction safety protection net

HDPE Debris Netting Vertical Construction

width:1m, 2m, 4m or by requirements.
rolls lengths:10m, 50m, 100m or by requirements.
shade rate:30%-80%
colours:green,black ,dark green ,yellow,gray,blue and white or by requirements.
material:100% new material (hdpe )
using life:minimum life length: 2-3years, under normal weather conditions and use.
type:warp knitted.

Scaffold Safety Debris Mesh     

Construction Net Enclosures

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